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Long Island Vascular Surgeon And Vein Only Doctors – Treating ALL Spider Veins And Varicose Veins In-Office, Using The Most Advanced Vascular Techniques

There is an extensive and proud history of Long Island Vein Doctors and Vein Centers starting many decades ago and continuing up until today. One of the earliest Long Island vein specialists was Doctor Hyman Biegeleisen. This Suffolk County vein doctor was truly one of the pioneers of vein therapy. He as an early advocate of injection therapy to get rid of both varicose and spider veins without surgery. He is even credited with coining the word ‘sclerotherapy’ which is the medical term for the injection treatment of veins. Dr. Biegeleison wrote medical journal articles on varicose vein treatment as early as the early 1930’s. He was a graduate of Stuyvesant High School and Columbia University in New York City, and received a medical degree from Long Island College Hospital, before becoming the first (and by default, the best) vein specialist on Long Island, New York.

Todays oldest and most established Long Island vein center is run by two doctors who are both vein specialists, Dr. Martin L. Schulman M.D. and Dr. Lee G. Schulman M.D. This father and son vein doctor practice has over 60 years of combined experience and have themselves made many contributions to the treatment of both varicose and spider veins. Dr. Martin Schulman was even an early supporter of Dr. Beigeleison having spent time in his Suffolk County vein center learning and speaking with Dr. B. While Begeleison was world famous and surely one of the top vein specialists of his day, seeing patients from all over the US, the Schulman’s have also carried on his traditions. They have offices in NYC on Park Avenue, in Manhasset in Nassau County and in Commack in Long Islands Suffolk County.

They have also seen patients from innumerable states and countries who have desired to have vein removal without surgery. Some have been treated strictly for cosmetic improvement while others have suffered symptoms from ‘broken’ veins such as crampy pains, throbbing, edema and heaviness in their legs. They have pioneered work on the removal of hand veins and Dr. Lee G. Schulman was the first to ever lecture about that as well as the treatment of patients on Coumadin for vein therapy. Dr. Martin Schulman has lectured at many dozens of meetings in the US as well as abroad, on a unique medical procedure he promoted using veins as bypass grafts when he was doing arterial surgery. The Schulman Vein And Laser Centers Of Long Island And NYC motto is…. “All We Do Is Veins” ™.

If you suffer from varicose veins, spider veins, hand, face or breast veins and would like to have a FREE consultation with the vein specialists of the Schulman Vein And Laser Centers Of Long Island And NYC, you can call today. The initial vein screening has no cost and you are under no obligation to have your veins treated. We most often suggest coming in for a consultation, and letting a certified vein specialist look at your veins. We can then also personally answer your questions and explain your treatment options.

We look forward to seeing you either in Nassau County, Suffolk County or Manhattan and reviewing what we can do to help you look and feel better, all while improving your circulation.

Vein Treatment Information

Treatment For Varicose Veins : Myths And Facts

Three Myths: Are Varicose Veins Only Cosmetic ? While the treatments for varicose veins are basically the same whether a person is being treated for painful symptoms or just for cosmetic improvement, enlarged leg veins can infact be more then just cosmetic. A person can suffer from symptoms such as crampy pains, throbbing, swelling, night...

Night Leg Cramps And Leg Varicose Veins

By Long Island Vein Doctors Lee And Martin Schulman M.D. It’s not uncommon for people with enlarged bulging varicose veins to complain of night cramps in the legs that are painful and may even wake them up from sleep.These crampy pains in the legs at night are seen also in people without ropey varicose veins…

Vascular Screening

At our Nationally Accredited Vein Clinic, our Vein Specialists can painlessly & accurately detect any venous or arterial disease that can be affecting your well-being, and that can even be life-threatening. Call us today for a $99 Vascular Screening.

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